Welcome to Taraji House Rehabilitation Centre Nakuru, Kenya.

We repair broken hearts, recover lost dreams and inspire hope to the hopeless.

We are an Addiction Treatment Center and a residential care unit in Murunyu, Bahati, Nakuru offering  a comprehensive addiction recovery program to victims of drugs and substance abuse.

Destroy That Bad Habit

We start by breaking that bad habit that is controlling your destiny.

Build a New Habit

We then help you build a new habit to help you forget the old habit.

Reinforce a New Habit

Next we help you reinforce the new habit to completely forget the old habit.

Return To Normal Life

We finally take you back to normal life and follow up to check for relapse sign.

We are experts
We know how destructive A Relapse can be

To prevent relapse, we work with the family of the client to eliminate all possible stimulants that would trigger  a relapse. Our outreach program ensures that the client engages in a certain economic activity, to keep them busy as they cope up with the normal economic life.

Next in our plan is a program to lead and support our clients into entrepreneurship with a one year business incubation support.

Does it sound like a nice idea? Yes, we are ahead of the rest. We are in the process of sealing more partnerships, to make the addiction recovery journey, a Memorable Journey Towards Permanent Change.

Alcohol Related Disorders in Kenya(NACADA 2017)
Per Capital Income Lost Through Drug Addiction in Kenya.​

Our Team

To provide world class services to our clients, we have invested in a good team of qualified members of staff.

Our team is composed of three Trained Addiction Resident Counselors and two(2) counseling Aids who are also Trained Addiction Counselors.

Drug Addiction Isn't A Personal Problem

It is a community problem whose impact trickles down to the second and third generation. When your family member is a drug addict, you have a problem to solve as a family.

When your neighbor’s son is an alcohol addict, that should concern you even if he is not your own son.

If your friend just broke up with their family, that should be an issue of concern to you because-

We are all connected as human beings and if our conscience is still alive, it tells us that we are one in flesh, blood and spirit and warn us when there is trouble looming.

We are all obliged with the responsibility of taking care of our fellow human beings next to us.

We all have a role in inspiring hope where there is none, lending out our brains when and where needed most and holding the hand of that neighbor’s son who is deeply rooted in drug addiction… To show them the way and connect them with the right people and organization… to help them start-off their recovery journey.

Don’t talk ill of them, don’t call them drunkards, encourage them, support them…





Taraji House Rehab Murunyu Rd, Nakuru, Kenya.

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08:00 AM – 7.00 PM
Monday – Sunday

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Email: info@tarajihouse.org

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